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Untreated herbs this is not always the verdict of their uselessness. Many pure green express montreal raw pharmaceutical plants possess qualities and have long been used in pharmaceutical training camp with the goal of healing the most various diseases. And blindly they are called » pharmacy around the feet.» Numerous untreated plants can be used for the purpose of» quick support » the presence of unexpected options, and in addition as well as resources for the purpose of wars with different diseases.

For such plants it is possible to rank grass. Used for the production of vitamin salads. Leaves and grains of plantain possess healing qualities and show relaxing, hemostatic, diuretic, wound healing, sweatshop, analgesic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, cough effect. The plant is used in strange medicine as well as hemostatic method, herbs — as well as tonic and restorative, use as well as vitamin method. The nectar of the leaves, together with the Canary-yellow yolk, is applied in order to cure the tomb of the snow chain.

Is used to cure jaundice. And thus after all as well as a Sabur and choleretic. Water extract of osota use the presence of inflammatory actions of the stomach, intestinal tract, liver, simple, the presence of jaundice, difficult. New and relaxed grass-in the case of poultice the presence of inflammatory and unhealthy diseases-gastroenteritis and angina.

The roots of the sow Thistle use the presence of nephritis.

A crude plant as well as a PLANT in this way because no less important according to their own medical properties